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32. Odens trädgård

ARTIST: Ulla Viotti (2021)
TECHNIQUE: Work of art made of grass and soil

Odens trädgård

At the base of Mount Kvarntorp Ulla Viotti has created her 10,000-square-meter-large work entitled Odin´s Garden, a several-hundred-meter-long work of art made of grass and soil inspired by the many local occurrences of trilobite and ancient castles. From the top of the mount you can see the shape of the trilobites and all the way to the right the ancient castle can be seen.

Odin´s Garden is one of two works by Ulla Viotti here at Art at the Top. The other work is entitled Energy-Magic.

Ulla Viotti is a landscape artist. Odin´s Garden can be seen from the veranda of the café. The
reason why it is not placed on top of the mount of course depends on its design. It only does itself justice when seen from above.

In Odin´s Garden Viotti weaves together vegetation and archaeological finds. Either the ruins have grown out of the ground, or else they are covered by nature. It is also no coincidence that the work is called Odin´s Garden. Via its title Viotti places the origin of the work in Old Norse mythology. Then it becomes a comment on belief and religion.

But the work is depicting a trilobite. Trilobites are commonly occurring fossils in this area. In this way Viotti provides us with an image of continuity. The ancient fossils and the castle connect the work to the passing of time.

Viotti´s landscape art is a comprehensive work suited to Art at the Top. As mentioned many times during this tour, mount Kvarntorp is a place undergoing a healing process. Nature is slowly returning to this tough environment. Odin´s Garden is an image of man´s coexistence with nature, an image of what man can achieve working with, rather than against, nature. That is a suitable metaphor for the Art at the Top project as a whole.


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20 september 2023
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