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Our history

Shoes, stonemasonry and the regiments – learn more about our history!

Historically Kumla is unique in many different ways. Today there are traces of the earlier shoemaking industry, quarrying, production of façade sculptures and the two military regiments based here in the 1800s.

Shoe History Museum

It is hard to believe that only a few decades ago there were over 130 shoe factories in Kumla. Of these there are just a few large companies left today, such as Kavat and Arbesko. In this museum you will learn all about shoemaking and the history of the shoe industry. You can also buy the famous “Kumal-toffeln” slippers, and can be in the shoe factory and see the production with your own eyes.

Museum of Stone Masonry

The area around Kumla has a long history of quarrying and generations of stoneworker skills. You will learn more about that here in this unique museum. By the museum, Yxhults old head office is located with its fantastic retro milieu from the company’s heyday and the unique marble mosaic floor with 34 varieties of marble from different countries.

Sannahed Military and Outdoor Museum

Do take a trip to Sannahed Military and Outdoor Museum, which was one of Sweden’s largest military exercise and camp grounds at the end of the 1800s. There are a number of renovated and preserved buildings to present contemporary outdoor and indoor environments. Also attached is what is known as the “nostalgia museum” with utility items and tableaux from around the mid 1900s.


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