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Kvarntorp’s recreational area

One space. Lots to discover.

Only 10 minutes from Kumla centre you will find Kvarntorp recreational area. A place with an unparalleled history and perfect for those who love nature, culture, exercise and the outdoor life! You can play 18-hole golf here, enjoy good food and drink, sunbathe and swim at the open-air bathing pool Hästhagsbrottet, and find many cosy picnic and BBQ spots. The recreational area is also an exciting place for those who enjoy cycling. There is a downhill zone with a number of descents varying in difficulty on the steep slopes of Kvarntorpshögen. There are also three mountain bike paths that take you round in both beautiful as well as historic surroundings in the Kvarntorp area. If you want to fine-tune your technique there is a technical track, jumping track and pump track.

If you don’t want to peddle out on a bike, there are still plenty of challenges for those of you who enjoy exercise and being in the open air. There are 26 km of hiking trails in beautiful surroundings, bridle paths, and for the real training enthusiasts, an outdoor gym, an obstacle course and the popular “Trappen” staircase, with its 427 steps. We believe we can promise you a real challenge! Trappen, which is actually a work of art, takes you as a visitor the whole way from the bottom to the top of Kvarntorpshögen.

During our high season in summer, the café at the top of Kvarntorpshögen is open where you can buy ice-cream and coffee to enjoy along with a great view of Närke plain.

The recreational area is very popular even in winter time for those who like skiing and winter activities. Kvarntorpshögen has two descending runs for downhill skiing prepared with artificial snow, a fun toboggan run and tracks for cross-country skiing when there is a sufficient amount of natural snow.


For more information, contact our Tourist Information
Telephone: +46 19 58 80 00
Email: servicecenter@kumla.se
Visiting address: Torget 1, Kumla


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20 september 2023
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