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ARTIST: Sara Sjöbäck (2024)
TECHNIQUE: Sheet metal

Half girl

As an artist of working-class background Sjöbäck has always found beauty in what is ordinary, neglected or the every-day struggle. And what might symbolize the everyday to many hard-working individuals more than a trusted Volvo V70, this faithful companion? These cars, that one upon a time, were a lifeline for families and workers, now stand here as high guards reminding us of trips taken, burdens born, and the every-day stories that never made it into history books.

Each V70 sculpture testifies to the ravages of time and hard work. The surface of the hood shows scars from years of service. Dents and scratches tell us stories of roads and obstacles conquered. Yet, in the midst of wear and tear there is a timeless elegance, a kind of dignity, a stoic attitude.


Senast uppdaterad:
25 juni 2024
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Piia Edh