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The Staircase

ARTIST: Olle Medin (2005)
TECHNIQUE: Construction in spruce wood


100,000 blows of a hammer later, there it was, The Staircase. 200-m-long, with 427 steps and five terraces for resting, it is placed on the northern side of Sweden´s largest industrial museum, Mount Kvarntorp. Four enthusiasts built the staircase. It started to be used immediately and many took it to heart. Some people walk up slowly, rest for a while and look at the view. Others bounce up and down participating in an exercise called “Conquer the Staircase.”

If you are standing at the bottom of the staircase, you will see name tags on every step as far as your eyes can see. All steps and many parts of the railing have been sold to businesses and individuals who in this way have supported the creation and maintenance if the staircase. If you come from the area around Kumla, it is possible that you will recognize some names.

Once you have decided to walk up the staircase, then it not only the 427 steps that you have in front of you, but also an experience. You will soon notice that step by step you will get a more beautiful view. Having taken the last step you can proudly turn around and take in the view where it is at its best.

Over time the staircase has become a popular appliance for training: it is called “Conquer the staircase.” In order to do so you must go up and down 10 times within 5 hours.

This is how it is done:
You start at the foot of the staircase and walk all the way up. Then you keep to the right on the little path and then pass “the church” (Absit Omen), continue to walk along the path to the top. You will pass the top between the high mast and Corona, the art work. Then you continue via the parking lot and walk down along the road. Once down, turn to the left up the tiny hill to the out-door gym. Then you are back to where you started at the foot of the staircase and have done one lap (about 1104 m). If you do 10 laps within 5 hours then you have “conquered the staircase.”

The staircase is a challenge for both body and soul. Once you have walked up the staircase you are rewarded by the view, beautiful nature and of course all the art.

Facts about Olle Medin, the artist, are to be found under Number 17, Arken.


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