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Doll with Daggers

ARTIST: Niclas Malmström (2023)
TECHNIQUE: Polyester and aluminium

Half girl

We are greeted by this piece of art at the entrance to Art at the Top. A doll is here placed on top of a 3-m high point of a knife.

As a young man artist Niclas Malmström was deeply touched by a similar drawing done by Ernst Josephsson which then has accompanied him in his artistry, The doll holds two daggers and appears to be on guard with her face turned away from the onlooker. This piece of art might refer to the gang violence of today when younger and younger children are used as marionettes.

The girl is dancing on the same thin edge that our world does today, when, for instance, it comes to children´s and women's vulnerability, to violence, environmental disasters, climate and war.


Senast uppdaterad:
25 juni 2024
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Piia Edh