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ARTIST: Lars Vilks (2020)


Like phoenix this work of art rises out of the ashen remains of Lars Vilks´ earlier work of art named Waaaall that was placed here, but was burned down in June 2019. Corona reaches 11 meters up toward an immense firmament. Perhaps it might be reaching for its namesake? In fact, the name and its shape come from a constellation on the northern firmament called Corona Borealis. Seven stars make up its form and it is placed between Bootes and Hercules in the night sky. If you Google for a picture of this constellation you will immediately see the similarities.

Before placing the work here Lars Vilks himself expressed his appreciation for Art at the Top as a place for exhibitions: “It is next to a perfect place. When creating a sculpture park it is rare that the park has a history, but Mount Kvarntorp has a fascinating history and is like an artificial volcano that is still smoldering.” His work Corona is indeed using the unique place that this is: where might you better place a work inspired by a constellation than the place on the planes of Närke closest to it?

The title naturally makes us think of our times and what has been happening during the spring of 2020, that is, the Corona pandemic. The consequences of the pandemic may seem contradictory. In a way it unites us – we all live under the same threat, and we work together to decrease the spread of contagion. At the same time it separates us from each other, due to recommendations of social distancing.

Perhaps this is also a way of understanding the work Corona. We all live under the same firmament, we all live under Corona Borealis. Lars Vilks has been living an isolated life for many years due to the special threats aimed at him. Perhaps similar thoughts lie behind the creations of this work, considering his unique situation.

The name Corona also refers to a tale in Greek mythology, the ”Northern crown” worn by King Minos´ daughter. When she later married Dionysus the god, the crown was placed in heaven to honor their wedding. For the old Greeks the tale was a way of understanding the constellations and how they came about. Since childhood Vilks has been interested in Greek mythology and the mystery of constellations.

Perhaps the work is simply a comment, or a question - how did the constellation end up in the sky, and how did we end up here? And how will we together take on the future challenges of humanity?

Facts about the artist Lars Vilks will be found in connection with work number 4.


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16 maj 2024
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