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Come and discover Kumla

Kumla is the town on the Närke plain, just outside the city of Örebro. A little oasis in the countryside and yet only 9 minutes by train to the buzz of the city… if you want to go there. Because we ourselves actually have a lot to offer in Kumla.

A lovely town centre around Kumla square with shops, restaurants, cosy cafés, grocery stores and other services such as a bookshop and shoemaker. The fact that there is a shoemaker in town is perhaps not so strange as the town has a history around the shoe industry. Today, with two of the country’s leading brands of shoe, but back then, with over 130 shoemakers in the town.

Kumla is also known as being arty, most literally. With a wide offering of art and culture we consider ourselves as “the Art Capital of Närke”, the landscape in Sweden where Kumla is located. Art på Hög (Art at the Top), with its colourful history, extensive views and famous art exhibition – really should not be missed! And don’t forget Örsta Art Gallery or Konsthallen Art Gallery in our beautiful library. For that matter don’t miss a stroll around town. You will be amazed at how much art you will find there. 24/7. Always open to enjoy.

Kumla is also a vast adventure pool, a Town Park for fun and fantasy, a prominent speedway team, an 18-hole golf course in a beautiful setting, and incredibly close to the slalom slopes, down-hill runs, hiking trails and bathing spots. And people of course. The home town of both racing star Marcus Ericsson and the author Håkan Nesser. But also the friendly locals “Kumlingen”, who will happily answer your questions and show off their treasures. And now we want to show off ours!